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Cinnamon (CD)

Brand: Peter Manns
Product Code: 00002
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Everything began with Cinnamon…

Cinnamon brang the original NY boombap to Frankfurt. Beat demos with soul samples were produced and afterwards refined with guitar- bass- and drum set- recordings. Peter Manns in top form! The very first Oiyo release „Cinnamon“ by Peter Manns contains 6 songs, including a german rap dudes remix and a remix of the single by Moksha, the 6 Cinnamon Instrumentals plus the acapellla of the song „Double Cup Life“. The songs were produced by UZ, Luca Kleinhenz, Randy J. Pop & Moksha..

The CD comes in a carton wallet. It is limited to 100 pieces. The shirts & backpacks that came with the CD are already sold. Additional to the CD shipping, all songs will be available as a free download in the user account on after payment was done. Furthermore, all songs of the EP are available on Soundcloud and Spotify too. You can find all videos, that were produced for „Cinnamon“, in the associated Youtube playlist on the Oiyo channel:

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